Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Will Manchester City continue their winning streak in the EPL?

Manchester City fans are ecstatic as Liverpool’s dream to dethrone the defending champions of the Premier League was shattered. Until Sergio Aguero’s ice-breaking goal, the opposition put up a tough fight.

Guardiola was seemingly agitated until that moment when Gundogan slipped it through to Silva, who flicked it to Aguero. The rest is history; Aguero’s equalizer allowed the manager to let out a sigh of relief. The Reds did their part at Anfield, they beat the Wolves, but it wasn’t enough as Manchester City had yet again bested them. With their 14th consecutive win, City took the game and with it the Premier League title.

Let’s go through the critical moments of Manchester City this season and find out if Guardiola’s army possesses the ability to guard the Premier League title again and continue their long haul.

Sergio Aguero’s Smashing Equalizer
A pivotal moment indeed, without it, the Citizens were off track, and the goal gave them the kick they needed.
Just as hope started flaring up at Merseyside, in only 83 seconds, it was destroyed. That one pass where Aymeric Laporte and David Silva flicked the ball to Aguero to take that crisp shot defined the intensity of the game.

Raheem Sterling said, “The important thing was this team went behind but came back immediately.”
This alone speaks volumes, the club under the wing of Pep Guardiola has outnumbered every competitor with their ability to turn the game at any second.


The Sterling Start

Right from the first match against Arsenal, the Citizens had their confidence boosted. As Raheem Sterling and Bernardo Silva scored two noble goals, Guardiola’s men were in the best form and beat the Gooners 2-0 at their turf.


Best of Six

The game against Huddersfield, City’s first home game was marvelous and no less than a work of art. Manchester City scored six goals for Huddersfield’s single goal. The match showed what the club could do with Pep Guardiola watching over them. Sergio Aguero was the star of the show with a hattrick and was seen in his prime. Other goal scorers were David Silva, Gabriel Jesus, and finally, Terence Kongolo sealing the deal with the 6th goal in the 84th minute of the game.


The ‘First’ Title Decider

That’s right; even before the nerve-wracking final day, the two teams, Liverpool and Manchester City, played a game deemed as an early ‘Title Decider’ by football fans. The result was a shocking end, with both teams scoring no goals.

The Citizens, however, had a shot if it weren’t for Riyad Mahrez’s missed penalty. The match ended up being a goal less draw between the two teams.


Aguero’s Pristine Performance

Sergio Aguero, Guardiola’s striker, made history this season with three hattricks in different matches. The first hattrick was against Huddersfield, where the Citizens smashed the Terriers 6-1.

The next hattrick wasn’t far away, the striker gunned for glory against Arsenal with another hattrick followed by another treble for Kun against Chelsea. With Sergio Aguero and the rest of his army by his side, Pep Guardiola is all geared up to continue his winning streak with the Citizens in the EPL.

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