Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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The Most Predictable Football Leagues

What are the most predictable football leagues today?

The most predictable football leagues

The football leagues are immensely popular not just among sports fans, they’re also a hit with punters as well. And that highlights some leagues are more predictable than others.

A football fan would know that there are hierarchies in leagues, where cone teams are clearly superior to others. Such leagues are great for punters because it makes predicting outcomes so much easier. 


Why Select The Most Predictable Football Leagues?

Choosing the right football league to bet on could potentially double your profits. Some competitions are great for particular betting markets, So whether you’re a new or a seasoned punter, you must know when and where to place a bet in order to be able to maximize your profits.


The Most Predictable Football Leagues

Here’s a list of the most predictable football leagues around the world:


Eredivisie (Netherlands)

The Eredivisie league definitely deserves a place on this list. It was founded way back in 1956 and it involves a total number of 18 teams. Like most major leagues, this competition’s season begins in August and lasts till April. The Eredivisie is home to several legendary players such as Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Patrick Kluivert. 

Being a high scoring league, Eredivisie is great for the over/under market, as most of the matches end up with a total of over 2.5.


Super League (Greece)

Super League Greece is undoubtedly one of the most predictable football leagues in the world. It involves a total of 16 teams, which is already great because that means less research for us punters! The season lasts from August until May. The Super League is well known amongst bettors for its predictability, and many find this league as a safe choice to bet on. 

Home teams almost always come out on top, so siding with them is always a safe bet. Since it is so easy to gauge the outcome of a match, the payouts have the potential to be incredibly large, if you play your cards right. Additionally, due to its predictable nature, accumulator bets are a good way to go. 


Serie A (Brazil)

Among the other football leagues, Brazil’s Serie A is also a popular league to bet on. Slightly different from most leagues, it lasts from May to December. Just like the Greek Super League, with Serie A, accumulator bets is always a great choice. The predictability of the league lowers the general risk that comes with accas, so you can build up your choices and make a huge profit.

While there are several entertaining football leagues that take place all over the world, some of them are easier to bet on. Predicting the right outcome, and making the right choices substantially increases your ROI. Make sure to take a look at leagues discussed above before you place your next bet.

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