Monday, October 25, 2021

Three reasons behind Kaka’s fall

Kaka's fall

We all know that Kaka was capable of, he was one of the best players ever to play the holy sports of football.


Skills, passing, finishing, he was a complete package, and like many other Brazilians his charisma wasn’t limited to club football only, he performed whenever Brazil needed him. But he suddenly disappeared from the limelight. Today we’ll discuss the reasons why he failed to carry his prime till the thirties.

He signed for Madrid

A significant mistake which most of the star players of this era have done is that they left their club and signed for a bigger club to catch the stars, they get a considerable sum of money, but they never get the respect which they deserve.

We all know that Madrid is loyal to no one except the ones who perform. We all know what they did to Robinho, we all saw what they did with Sahin, and that’s what happens with Kaka as well.

First, they were begging him to sign for them, and when he did after leaving Milan, was sidelined because he couldn’t perform in the first few fixtures. He was sidelined, and Ozil and Modric took his place which Kaka never got back.


He was a Brazilian

Another reason which can be a cause of his fall is his nationality. Brazilians always have a very small prime, unlike European players.

There is no doubt that Brazil produces the most exceptional players for the game, but we all saw Ronaldinho, Robinho, Adriano, and Anderson. They once were the best players of the league, but their prime lasted for only a few years, and they disappeared immediately.

Injury and Respect

The primary reason why he could make a name for himself in the first place was his injury which he suffered after the World Cup, that’s when Ozil made his home and then Modric came in.

Jose never gave Kaka a proper chance, and Kaka always created an impact whenever he got an opportunity. But still, things were never the same for him in Madrid.

Another reason why I believe Kaka failed in Madrid was he never spoke his heart out just out of respect for the club, but when your manager is Jose you need to speak, controversies do matter, you have to open your mouth to get yours right.

He was criticized a lot for missing a penalty in the Champions League fixture, but he didn’t say anything Things would have been different if he would have created a controversy.

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