Monday, October 25, 2021

Possible reasons behind Adriano’s fall


He was powerful, he was talented, and he was deadly in front of goal. He had all the ingredients of becoming a legend of the game, but then the was work ethic, and some never-ending scandals made him vanish from the limelight.

When he was 17, he was a part of a Flamengo first team. When he turned 19, he was on his way to a deal of over €13 million.

He also earned the Golden Boot when he starred for his nation during the Copa America in 2004. But at the same time when he had outstanding performances for both club and the team, he was also being reported for his lousy attitude and exuberant lifestyle.

He was dropped by Seleccao coach Dunga in 2006 when he was caught partying in nightclubs. But as you expect, the warning went unheeded.

Every passing season, he was becoming a liability for the owners and there came a time when they had to step back, and he was reinvigorated. But at the same time, in the Italian Capital and at the Brazilian clubs, Adriano was like an expensive embarrassment.

Most of the times, he was spotted in the treatment room or mostly in a night club. He had developed more skills in the dance than on the football field.

The last time he managed to play 10 games in a season was way back in 2009.

In the mid of the previous year, the press descended on his villa. It is a neighborhood of the most notorious favela shanty towns with a famous new occupant.


Adriano was living there bloated and out of shape with some serious alcohol and drug problems.

The biggest reason which caused his fall was the death of his father, his game and life are never the same again as it was too much for him to handle.

Recently, he was offered a third spell at the club by Eduardo Bandeira de Mello, but the offer was turned down by him.

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