Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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3-way Handicap In Soccer Betting Explained

When betting on sports, bettors would always like to be able to choose an uninterested betting option and win a huge amount of money. Those bets, bets that are not risky at all, bets where there are huge favorites never give a great purpose to bettors if they use just an outright betting option. However, there are betting options called handicaps, and they can bring a purpose even to those uninteresting, one-sided games. Those bets can help you increase a profit won from every bet. Asian and European (3-way handicap) are the perfect examples of appropriate betting options in the one-sided games. However, they require taking sports betting more seriously, analyzing games and teams in order to predict something more complicated than the outcome of a certain game.

Although a 3-way handicap is available in many sports, its most common use is recorded in football. Moreover, it always easier to explain the way how 3-way handicap functions when using football matches as an example. So, let’s illustrate a 3-way handicap using football examples. In an outright bet on football, you have 3 possible options-home team wins, draw and away team wins. The main difference between an outright bet and a handicap is that in handicap the match doesn’t start with the 0:0 result. The one team has an advantage upon them in order to give a purpose to the bet.

For example, there is a final game of the English Premier League and Manchester United is playing against outsiders. Manchester has a huge motivation for this match because they have to win in order to win the whole championship. Because of the low odds for Manchester to win the game, it may seem that using outright bet when betting on this game is without a purpose. In that situation, you may consider a 3-way handicap. If Manchester United recently played a very good match against Bayer Munich in the Champions League, and won 5:0, you may think that it wouldn’t be shocking for Manchester to beat outsiders in the final match of the English Premier League by 4 goals goal margin. So, you can place -3 bet on Manchester United in a 3-way handicap. This means that they start a game with a disadvantage of 3 goals. If they win the match by 4 goals goal margin, your bet will be successful. The odd placed on this bet is higher and that way you will bring a purpose and excitement in betting. The second example can be a Cup match between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. Barcelona can be considered as a superior team, so they may be allotted with -2 handicap. This means that if they win with 3 or more goals, your bet placed on Barcelona will be successful. If Barcelona wins by 2 goals your bet on the draw will be a winning bet. In a case, Atletico wins, draws or lose by one goal, your bet placed on the underdog will be a winning bet.

Those bets can be placed on teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Liverpool, or in general teams that are constantly good, they can be expected to score more goals when playing against opponents. Make sure you understand how to use handicaps, because they will definitely bring a purpose to your bets. 

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